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"The Technology Imperative: What Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Really Means in the 21st Century".

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Dear friends,

A very good friend and forum member Dr. John Psarouthakis has just published his new book titled
"The Technology Imperative: What Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Really Means in the 21st Century". It is a must read
especially during these day that political parties are proving more of an impediment than a leverage
for growth and prosperity of modern economies.

You can find the book on GAVDOS PRESS and on AMAZON.COM/The Technology Imperative

I copy my editorial review of the book below:

"THE TECHNOLOGY IMPERATIVE is a must-read book for every citizen of the modern globalized world. This short book is a tool to unlock our minds from the preconceptions of the fuzzy cloud of dead-end politics, the omnipresent government that attempts to solve all our problems for us without us and barren partisan slogans (jobs! Jobs! Jobs!).

The book is many things, but above all, reads like a blueprint for shaping the future of a leading, successful, free market nation. It goes one step further with the concept of the Economic Growth Corporations (EGCs). It provides tangible and directly implementable ideas to serve as the spark to light up the fire of creative destruction. This will provide the necessary breathing space, incentives and most importantly real capital, which are the basic ingredients of free market economic growth, for a chain reaction of wealth creation and efficient progress.

“Dr. John’s”, unique professional background and experience as an MIT engineer, a space scientist, a Fortune-500 capitalist, a university professor and academic trustee, makes it easy for him to pinpoint the threat from within: the political process. Being by construction short-sighted targeting the next election, the later seldom rises above the clichés. Instead of creating the necessary infrastructure and a healthy institutional framework for private entrepreneurship, academic research and technological process, it merely accumulates debt, suffocates and sometimes punishes entrepreneurship putting in danger the future of the nation.

The narrative transcending outdated and sterile partisan lines is a polite wakeup call before it is too late not only for America but for any free progressive nation. These nations need to face the fact Dr. Psarouthakis puts so simply and nicely that “distributing wealth without creating wealth is the path to bread lines”. - Periklis Gogas"


Periklis Gogas
Assistant Professor of Economic Analysis and International Economics
Dep. of International
Economic Relations & Development
Democritus University of Thrace
, Komotini, 69100, Greece
EABCN Fellow, Editor-in-Chief Economics and Finance Notes

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