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1st PPA-TRAKI Report

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Dear HEC Academic forum & Action,
As per general opinion, the 1st Panhellenic Cultural Antanwma at Thraki was a success
The main reason of the success was that we had 6 different organizations working together.
Knowing the Greek Standards, I can assure you that we reached the impossible of Greek Reality.
HEC acted as the coordinator of the whole operation.
We took over the empty spaces where others were not able to work like fundraising communication with Diaspora etc.
What surprised me was that this event brought together our members at HEC. I did not hear any one opposing this project.
All together, we had 52 different groups from Princeton University,  Korinthos (3), Attiki (2), Evoia (2), Epiros (2), Larisa (1), Limnos (1)
and other places of Greece including Macedonia and Thraki.
If you wish to have a flavor of the main activity, dancing, you can visit the following site which is under construction.
the press releases and MME reports are listed at
Professor George Kyriakou and Professor Dimitrios organized the same time a successful Επιστημονικό Συμπόσιο
It will be an omission not to mention the blessings of the Patriarch of Konstantinoupolis
and the Aigida of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thraki
A trip to Myki Library gave the opportunity to the 15 HEC members, attending the Antamwma, to meet Pomakian mothers and kids from 2 up to 18 years of age. We stayed several hours at this village and the experience was unique. We also met the President of the Association of Pomakon who asked us for our help.  It will be a good idea to create a subcommittee with only oblective the Pomakoi. The President gave me several books
including dictionaries Greek/Pomakian, Pomakian Grammar and others.
Finally it will be an omission no to thank all of you who made the Antamvma a reality with your donation.
All donations and expenses are posted at
But you need a password to get in. If you are a donor, you can ask me for a password.
The bottom line.
Let us start working on the 2nd Panellinion Politisitko Antamwma sthn Thraki and on a special sub-project of Pomakoi.
Who wants to join?
Your participation will be under one simple condition. You are going to work and if you have no time, you will make the time otherwise no reason to join us.
1st PPA-Thraki committee.
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