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George Horton >> The Loving Cup >> >>ATLANTIS - November 14, 1907

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Cleveland Ohio, 14th of November 1907.

Honorable Mr. Director of “ Atlantis”.

Yesterday, Mr. Horton the warm philhellene and national missionary arrived in our city, who spoke to the anxiously awaiting crowded audience in a room at Western Renrue University. I can’t describe the joy I was feeling during his lecture. Every word coming from his mouth was sweet. His love and admiration for Hellas can’t be described, not only in the room at the University where he spoke for three continuous hours, but also at the hotel where he lodged, Mr. Horton did not cease teaching colleagues on our behalf, disproving the bad opinion the residents of Cleveland had against us, and I consider my self today slightly proud, while showing pages of today’s newspapers to American clients and friends.

I deem it good that you take the initiative, if you also deem it good, and begin a list of donations in order that with the amount collected, we offer to Mr. Horton a nice gift as a souvenir of the Hellenes in America, for his great toils in making the endangered Hellenic name known.

I remain with regards,

D. Demetrakopoulos

The “Atlantis” management cheerfully embraces the idea of honorable Mr. Demetrakopoulos, that is, that a souvenir, some object, be given to Mr. Horton for his services on behalf of Hellas and of the precious Hellenes in America, by offering from the beginning twenty-five dollars.  All who are with us, who know that the Hellenic people of America are obliged to honor the gentle American, for all he has done on our behalf and continues to do, are asked to send to the “Atlantis” management whatever amount they so please.  After the souvenir gift, an album will be given to the representative of America to Athens, in which the names of the ones having contributed will be published as they will also be published in “Atlantis”.  Unfortunately, today, we have few friends among the foreigners, but many among the Americans, who will wish to appreciate any small expression of our gratitude to the popular advocate of Hellas and writer of “Like Another Helen”, “In Argolis”, etc.; Mr. Horton, the mighty and thunder-voiced on behalf of Greece.

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