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Challenge 09/28/08

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The following letter was submitted to the British television show Channel in

response to a You Tube presentation 
Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC)

A Non-Profit Organization Registered in the US

with 37,000 Hellenes as members and 36 Hellenic

associations in the US and abroad

Dear Sirs,
The following letter is intended to vigorously object to the blatant hostile propaganda that was depicted
very recently on your program when it denied the Hellenic identity and descent of Alexander the Great
and the ancient Macedonians. I respectfully refer to you as a source regarding Macedonia the
authoritative work by Nicolaos K. Martis entitled, "The Falsification of Macedonian History Ancient
Jewish sources and testimony on Macedonia" which not only educates the reader about actual
historical fact as it pertains to Macedonia, but effectively repudiates Communist propaganda that had
been put forth by the late Yugoslavian dictator Marshall Tito, and which has been taken up by the
chauvinist government in Skopje.
No serious person could possibly mistake Macedonia with a Slavic people considering that the Slavs
only arrived in the Balkan peninsula about one thousand years or so after the time of Alexander. The
denial of Macedonia's Hellenic identity demonstrates that your program has been hijacked by interests
intent on disseminating hostile separatist propaganda against the Hellenic Republic, and promoting
hatred against people of Hellenic ancestry throughout the world. To deny any nation and people its
identity as Skopje has been doing to the Greek people is thoroughly immoral and grotesque. By
disseminating the falsification of history, your program has become an instrument of a major propaganda
campaign of hate.
I would assume that a program such as yours would not wish to be actively involved in political matters,
but the fact remains that the recent episode which in effect denied the Hellenism of Macedonia is bound
to raise the ire of Greeks throughout the world, and serves to complicate the negotiations between Greece
and the government of Skopje at a very sensitive time when a breakthrough depends on the latter's
willingness to disavow its territorial claims against Greece, and to repudiate once and for all the identity
of Macedonia.
Please watch this excerpt from a UK show


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