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Hellenic Genocide

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September 12. 2008

Dear friends,
As per law 2645/1998, Sunday, September 14, is the day of commemoration of the victims of the Hellenic (Greek) Genocide of Asia Minor by the Turkish State.
Over 1.5 M people were the victims of the Hellenic (Greek) Genocide no counting the victims who came to Greece. Twenty five ( 25%) percent of the refugees died the first 12 months. According to UN resolution, 260/48 http://www.greece.org/genocide/un260.txt these people were victims of the Hellenic (Greek) Genocide
Every organization, every school, every university, every community MUST organize an event related to the Hellenic (Greek) Genocide. For the last 16 years, the Association of refugees of Corinth, organizes three days of events in memory of our  victims. Last year they honored Nancy Horton but this year they found a unique way to honor the victims of the Hellenic Genocide.
When Smyrna was under fire and 300,000 people were between the fire, the Aegean and the knife of the Turk, the 24 war ships of England, France, Italy and US were giving receptions and they refused to give a hand to the dying Greeks. According to people who were present, including my uncle, the sailors of the war  ships were cutting the hands of people who were trying to save themselves onboard the war ships or they were pushing them back to the ocean with water. That was the moment, George Horton



" I feel shame that I belong to the human race".
But among the inhumanity of the big powers, there was a single Captain who gave a lesson of humanity to the global community. He was a Japanese who happened to be at Smyrna at these terrible times. He threw the cargo of his ship overboard and filled his vessel with Greeks to save them across to the Islands.
Tomorrow, Friday the 12 of September, at 20;00 hours the Corinthians invited the Ambassador of Japan to tell him THANK YOU for saving our people. The event will take place at the main square of Corinth and every one is invited. If you need additional  information, you can e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Capt. Evangelos Rigos
HEC Director
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