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Human Rights Watch

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Human Rights Watch and Hellenism

Anti-Hellenic bias is predominant in Western governments, media, and think tanks. An example
of bias emanates from Human Rights Watch, which has steadily refused to document human
rights abuses against Greeks in Turkey and Turkish occupied Cyprus. Simultaneously, Human
Rights Watch has published extensively on the Muslims of Western Thrace and has referred to
a Slavic element in Greece as "Macedonians".  The following site is intended to inform and to
post developments with regard to the effort to publicize the anti-Hellenic bias of Human Rights
In the coming years, the last Greeks of Constantinople, Imbros, and Tenedos will die from old
age, or emigrate. There will be no more Greeks left anywhere in Asia Minor. Political developments
in Cyprus do not appear to be anymore promising. Violations of the rights of Greeks in Cyprus are
ongoing and there is not a word of criticism of Turkey's occupation. Human Rights Watch has
published a great deal of material on the Muslims of Western Thrace. In the near future, it is
likely that the Ecumenical Patriarchate will be compelled to leave Constantinople and Hellenism
will be extinct in those ancient lands.
At the same time, propagandists will continue to slander Hellenism by referring to nonexistent
mistreatment of minorities in Greece. The following site will monitor Human Rights Watch and
post news whenever there are new developments.
Theodore G. Karakostas


The Anti-Hellenic bias

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