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To Mr Jose Emanuel Baroso 19/06/09

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Nikos Martis

Former Gov. Minister

President of the MACEDONIA HESTIA

8 Kaissarias St.

115 27 Athens

Tel 210 777 8800 19th June 2009




The President of The European Commission

Mr Jose Emanuel Baroso



The information contained in an article in the newspaper «Apoyevmatini» by the distinguished journalist Ms Sophie Voultepsi that the European Commission has accepted the introduction made by the Think Tank European Stability whereby the Skopjans may circulate freely in the EU, raises the serious question as to the name by which the Skopjans would go around.

As the Skopjans have deceitfully called themselves «Macedonians» and consequently they appear and are accepted as Macedonians, this will be offensive for both the United Nations and the European Commission, because, as it is known, the issue of the name of the Democracy of Skopje is by United Nations Resolution under negotiation and therefore there can be no doubt that the Greeks will rightfully react. Dealing with the issue for many decades, which I consider to be the greatest political and historical fraud, I should like to believe the EU, as a union of democratic peoples, will not ignore the fact that «The historical truth is the shield of Democracy, however unpleasant it might be for some».

The historical truth states that the Macedonians are Greek. They had the same sanctuaries as the rest of Greeks, the same language - the Greek language- and the same gods that dwelt on the Macedonian mountain Olympus. The Macedonians participated in the Olympic games and the Amphictyonies where only Greeks were allowed to participate.

My book «FYROM», a copy of which I have the pleasure of enclosing, contains 48 indisputable documents about the Greek identity of Macedonia and the Macedonians, as stated by Stettinius, Kissinger, Pope

Paul John and found in the texts of ancient Greek, Jewish and Roman writers, which only naive or suspicious people can ignore.

In view of the undertaking of the Presidency of the EU by Sweden on the 1st July, I will refer to two facts that occurred in Sweden and confirm the aforesaid. What is more, they call for respect for the individual right of Macedonians, namely their identity as Greeks.

The facts, mentioned in my book «The Treaty of Amsterdam», known to the European Commission, are the following:

  1. In 1995 the Institute of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, in collaboration with the Lund University and the signature of the distinguished writer Staffan Stolpe, mention in the treatise «Macedonia and its true identity»: «We should all, as well as the European Ministers, realise that the History of Macedonia is a fundamental part not only of Greek history, but also of our own European history. The Macedonians disseminated the Greek civilisation throughout the entire world and it is this civilisation that affects us today.

  1. In 1993 when the President of Bulgaria Mr Zelev was on a formal

visit to Sweden and was asked by a journalist of the Swedish

newspaper «Svenska Dugbladed» about the so called

«Macedonian nation», he replied: «The Macedonian nation that

was fabricated by the Commitern after the war was a Crime

committed by Tatoism and Stalinism».


Yours truly,



Former Gov. Minister

President of the MACEDONIAN HESTIA






cc.To the Foreign Minister of Sweden, Mr Carl Bildt

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