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ATLANTIS - December 9, 1907

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9th of December, 1907.

The presentation of the cup to the general Ambassador of America to Athens, the honorable Mr. George Horton, will take place today, Monday in the evening at the hour of 8:30 p.m. in the hall of the “Pan-Hellenic Union”, instead of tomorrow evening, as we announced last Saturday. The hastiness of the presentation date is due to the fact that the steam-engine ship “Laura” of the Austro-American Line, with which Mr. Horton will return to his position, will be departing tomorrow Tuesday the 1st in the afternoon instead of Wednesday, as it had previously been foretold by the steam-engine company.

Regarding the purchase of the cup, as we have published, 110$ were appropriated, and we collected 106$ up to the morning of Saturday. Equally, 1$ was received by Mr. Zetale in Minneapolis, that is 107$. The “Atlantis” Management received 92$ today with honorable Mr. Efstathios Leka today on behalf of the patriotic Hellenes in Mobil Alabama in order that their donation be added to the above amount. This courageous donation by the Hellenes in Mobil, whose names we publish below, shows to all clearly the great appreciation of the Hellenes in America for the work of Mr. Horton. Unfortunately, for the reasons we developed in the beginning of last week, that is, that the authorities of the Confederation forbid its diplomat officials from accepting expensive gifts, the management of “Atlantis” declared that the amount appropriated for the purchase of a souvenir gift was not to take on great dimensions and for this reason the Hellenes of America were requested not to send big amounts and that the register of donations was to close definitely last Saturday, at which date the cup was also bought. For these reasons, this courageous amount of 92$ received today can not be used for the reason for which it was collected. Consequently, the Management of “Atlantis” asks the patriotic and gentle Hellenes of Mobil, that they take pleasure in informing the Management how they wish to appropriate these monies, minus three dollars, which are subtracted in order to complete the 110$ paid for the purchase of the cup. There are therefore 89$ remaining.

The letter with which the above published monies of ninety-two dollars were sent to “Atlantis” is as follows:

In Mobil, Alabama the 4th of December, 1907.

Honorable Mr. Director of “Atlantis”,

Enclosed, you will receive a postal money order for ninety-two dollars, offered by our community, taking pleasure that you will add these monies to the amount collected by “Atlantis”, for the purchase of a souvenir gift for the honorable Mr. George Horton, General Ambassador of America to Athens, as proof of our colony’s gratitude for the precious work by the gentle American on behalf of Hellenes.

I remain with great regard

Yours entirely

Efstathios Lekas

The ones who approached our cause are as follows:

Christos Karitsianos and E.K. Lekas for 5$ each, of 3$ the sirs George Lignos, Pavlos Papageorgiou, Nikolaos Stavros and George Kapetanakis. Of 2$ the sirs John Moustakas, John Mazarakis. Of 1$ the sirs Nikolaos Tgazis, Spyros Pourkas, John Nikolaou, Nikolaos Andreou, Dionysios Patrolos, Athanasios Papathanasiou, Efstathios Roumatas, Stavros Lignos, Nikolaos Magkinas, Nikolaos D. Zafeiris, John Kosmas, Gerasimos Kuriakatos, Michael Bochas, Kymon Georgalas, Evangelos Papadas, Nikolaos Kolovos, Demetrios Argyros, Pantelis Balasis, Konstantinos Gianniotis, John Portolos, Vasilios Mamakos, George Tsakonas, Konstantinos Demetriou, Demetrios Ioannou Manoukas, Theodosios Kolias, Elias Michopoulos, Gerasimos Pantiniotis, Nikolaos Zafeiris, Nikolaos Apostolakis, I Liakopoulos, Herakles Zervos, Vasilios Ioannou, George P. Zebelis, Panyotis Soutas, Nikolaos Paraskevopoulos, George M Lignos, Ioannis Demetriou, Vasilios Thomas, George Papas, Konstantinos Santis, Liakopoulos Leonidas, Athanasios Dikeopoulos, Vasilios Pangopoulos, John Karousis, H Leonidas Jackson, Panayotis Garikoulas and Stamatios Oikonomakis. Of half a dollar, the following: Captain Jim, (Mr. Cannis), John Vikatos, Demetrios Bikaris, Gerasimos Christofidis, Leonidas Argyros, Pavlos Koronis, Christos Vernadakis, George Metropoulos, anonymous, George Peterson, Panayotis Eliopoulos or koubaros, George Svoronis, Panayotis Makaras, Andreas Papatheodorou, Antonios Tipernis, Dionysios Gratikas, Charles Mapros, Kostas Grifotis, Stamatios Chiotis and Spyridon Kavadas.

Total in dollars 92.50$

Subtract postal order 0.50$

Total amount in dollars 92.00$

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