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NIkolaos Sakopoulos

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Nikolaos Georgiou Sakopoulos
1850- 18th March, 1877

Nikolaos Sakopoulos was born in Milos in 1850 and he died in Kairo of Egypt where was burried.

The following information were taken from "Mnhmia tis Ellhnikhs Istorias" , volume A, published by the Academy of Athens in 1967

" according to the archives of the University of Athens, registry of students of the Athens King's University - Othon of the years 1837-1896, under the number 88 of the 11 of April 1839.  O  N  i  k  o l a o s   S a k o p o u l o s from Milos 19 years of age was registered at the Athens University Law School but as per remarks of the registry he un-registered. It is not mentioned when.

Nikolaos Sakopoulos started his carrier as a legal clerk in Athens. Eventually, he was sent to the Consular Court of Constantinoupolis as a judge (Paredros). On May 25, 1865, he was appointed consul at Xania Kritis as per National Gazzete dated 6.7.1865, number 33, page 196. He arrived at Xania on December 6, 1865 until 1869. Eventually,  Sakopoulos was promoted to Councul of Smyrna. From Smyrna he was sent to Routsoukion and
in 1874, he was sent to Cairo of Egypt as a Consul. Then he was promoted to Judge of the international  Mixed Courts "Mikta Dikastiria".

Sakopulos was the father in law of George Horton. Nikolaos Sakopoulos wife was Ourania Iliadou Sakopoulos from Smyrna. The family had four children, Aikaterini, Andreas. Olga, and Nika. In 1909 George Horton married Aikaterini Sakopoulos and they had together a child - Nancy Horton. Nancy presently (2008) lives in Greece."

George Horton, his wife Aikaterini and Nika Sakopoulos are burried at Oak Hill cemetary Georgetown, Washington, D.C. Olga was buried in Athens and then she was taken by her husband Otto Walter to Viana, Austria.

Sakopoulos was a Consul during the Cretan revolution of 1866-1868 and in the "Mnhmia tis Ellhnikhs Istorias", the Academy of Athens has published all his reports to Prime Minister of Greece, Deligiannis, and the Foreing Minister into two volumes. Some one can purchase these volumes at Estia bookstore or Eleftheroudakis.

From Krete he was send to Smyrna as a Consul and finaly he went to Alexandia as a Judge.

He died in 1879 at Alexandria. After his death, his wife took the four children and moved to Switcherland. Nika Sakopoulos was born after the death of her father and she was named Nika after the name of her father - Nikolaos. Nika never married. Mainly, Nika was living together with the Horton family and Nika was as a second mother for Nancy Horton.

With exeption of Aikaterini Sakopoulou Horton, no other child of Nikolaos Sakopoulos had any children.
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