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What is Hellenic Genocide

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The Hellenic Genocide encompasses the organized violent actions, instigated repeatedly over the years and on various occasions by the Ottoman or Turkish Central Authorities, for the cleansing of Hellenes from their ancestral lands which had come under Turkish control. Such deliberated and premeditated brutal actions included killings, serious bodily and mental harm, physical destruction and forced immigration of Hellenes living mainly in Pontos, Anatolia, Imbros, Tenedos, Thrace, initially and, later on, in Constantinople and Cyprus. Even the prevention of births by the deliberate and preferential killings of the male population from 16 to 60 years of age, which occurred during the forced evacuation of the Hellenes living in the Turkish State in 1922 is considered by the United Nations definition (1) to constitute Genocide.

We define the Hellenic Genocide to be the historical events that started in 1908, when the Neo Turks proclaimed, "Turkey is for the Turks" and ended with the population exchange under the Treaty of Lausanne, in 1923. However, in a great many ways, the Hellenic Genocide, the constant genocidal policies of the Turkish state against the Greek populations of Turkey has continued uninterrupted until modern times. Continuous measures and laws of the official Turkish state targeting the Greek (and other) minoritiew, the drafting for forced labour that included mainly Greeks in the middle of WWII in 1942 and when at the same time Greece was struggling under Nazi occupation, the events of organized killings, rapes and destruction that took place in Constantinoupolis in 1955 and 1964, the invasion of Cyprus in 1974, the brutal and unpunished murders of Tassos Isaak and Solomos Solomou in Cyprus, and many many more, are all part of a continuing Hellenic Genocide.

The victims of the Hellenic Genocide of the years between 1908 to 1923 can be estimated to be between 1.5 and 2 million deaths.

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