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Join us - Be a Member of HEC

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MEMBERSHIP IS FREE, Please join us by completing the HEC Membership Application

MEMBERSHIP (Bylaws Article 3)
Members participate as volunteers and agree to require no payment for contributed labor, services or overhead by the Center. Members could hold office subject to the qualifications and limitations of the present Bylaws and their amendments, and the Center's regulations. See: Members (Article 8) and Council Appointments (Article 9) for membership structure and eligibility.

MEMBERS (Article 8)
Members of HEC are volunteers around the world, mainly Greeks of the Diaspora who want to preserve and distribute their cultural heritage. HEC is a non profit organization registered in the USA and is funded by individuals and sponsor companies. Its daily operation is carried out via the Internet.

There are two types of Membership classified as follows:

  1. Members (Individuals)
  2. Associates (Organizations)
    • Apply as an Organization
    • Organization, companies, etc. who provide sponsorship and/or
    • Cooperate and collaborate with the Center (see Article 15, Associate Organizations)
    • Receive HEC mailings

You can be part of the HEC's family as an organization or an individual by volunteering to work for HEC or any project or hosted member, or just subscribe to HEC-Network mailing list. Please select where you would like to register and follow the easy registration procedure steps below.

MEMBERSHIP IS FREE, Please join us by completing the HEC Membership Application


How to SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE from a discussion list/forum

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