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Atlanta Constitution 10/15/1922

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(Oct. 15, 1922, pg. A9)

Smyrna Horror Described by Atlantan John S. Owens
Jr., Writes of Horror to Parents Here (an excerpt from a long article)…
There was a Japanese warship in the harbor, Contrary to the action of
every other man-of-war in Smyrna, this warship took board every refugee
it could possibly find room for. There was also a cargo boat from
Nippon there. When it saw this, it dumped a large part of its cargo
overboard, and took off all the refugees and carried them to Piraeus.
American, British, French and Italian, and everybody else told the
refugees that they could only take their own nationals on board, and it
remained for the lowly Japs to prove their mettle…



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