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Dr. John Spiridakis

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Dr. John G. Siolas 221-34 58th Avenue

190 Central Drive P.O.Box 412 Oakland Gardens NY 11364-1943

Mattituck N Y 11952-0412 (718) 631-7237 (Voice)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (917) 596-0642 (Cell)



Ph.D. , Area of Studies in Intercultural Education/Psycholinguistics, New York University, New York , School of Education, 1984.

M.S., Elementary Education, State University of New York, New Paltz, N Y, 1974.

B.A., Psychology, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, N Y, 1973.



Associate Professor of Education, (Full Time) TOURO COLLEGE, School of Education and Psychology, Graduade Division

43 West 23 Street New York NY 10010 2003- Present

Courses Instructed at TOURO COLLEGE, Graduate School of Education and Psychology

EdPs 671 OT, OV OnLine Theory and Practice of Bilingual Education Fall 2006

SpEd 635 The Sdudy of Special needs for Infants and Toddlers Fall 2006

EdSE 640 Assessment in General and Special Education Fall 2006

EDU 619OnLine Curriculum Evaluation Grades K-12 Summer 2006

EdPs 671 Theory and Practice of Bilingual/Multicultural Education

EdPs 675 Methods for Teaching Native Language Arts

Educ 602 Applied Linguistics for Teachers of Literacy

Edu 638 Teaching ESL Using Modern American English

EdPs 672 Content Area Instruction for LEP Students

Educ 609 Literacy Instruction Grades 6-12

Edu 636 Linguistic Structure of the Enlish Language

EdPs 620 Child Development and Learning in Cultural Context

EDU 625 The Education of Young Children: Principles and Methods

SpEd 670 Curriculum Development and Classroom Management for Students with Disabilities, Grades 1-6.



Education Administrator. Office of Monitoring and School Improvement, Board of Education, City of New York, 1990 to 2003

Overview: Under the direct supervision of the Superintendent, the incumbent provided leadership and direction to support the school community in its efforts to provide special education, bilingual/ESL programs for all entitled children in the School System. The incumbent monitored the development of new programs and the efficient administration of current programs and assured that special education, bilingual/ESL programs met all of the requirements of the legal and judicial mandates including the New Continuum.


Program Review Specialist/School Administrator, Board of Education City of New York, Office of Bilingual Education, Brooklyn, NY, 1980 to 1990.

Duties and Responsibilities: a. To provide instructional reviews of bilingual/ESL education programs of the New York City public schools as mandated by Federal Law, Court Directive and Board of Education requirements.

b. To provide technical assistance to the New York City public schools with the overall aim of ensuring that the supportive services provided have direct measurable impact on the improvement of bilingual instruction services and facilities to English Language Learners (ELL).

Curriculum Specialist, Community School District 7, Bronx, New York, 1975 to 1980.

Developed National Curriculum for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Students under a Title VII ESEA Curriculum Grant.

Adjunct Associate Professor, St. John's University, Queens College, CUNY, New York University, 1985 to 2000

Chairman of the Archdiocesan Board of Education, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, New York, 1991 - 1993.

Testing Assistant, Board of Examiners and ORPAL, 1987 to present.

Coordinator, Curriculum Development, Project Comp-Word, Title VII ESEA, CSD 6M 1985 to 1989. (Summer Program)

Coordinator, Auxiliary Services for High Schools, J.H.10 Learning Center, Bilingual /ESL Program for Adults, Astoria, NY 1984 - 2000. (Evenings)

Teacher of Common Branches, New York City School District, 1974-5.

Psychology Trainee, Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie New York, 1973-4.


Organization and Supervision of Special Education programs.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Bilingual-Bicultural Education: Administration, Supervision and Curriculum


Foreign Language Education and Linguistics.

Reading and Children's Literature.

International Studies and Comparative-Developmental Studies in Education.

Educational Evaluation.




Courses instructed at St. John's University, Queens & Staten Island Campus,1985-2000

.EDU 50R Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education. (Undergraduate Course)

.EDU51R Teaching ESL:Methods and Materials. (Undergraduate Course)

.EDU 54 Materials Development for Elementary Education.(Undergraduate Course)

.EDU 9285 Comparative Education (Graduate Course)

.EDU 5111 Administration and Supervision of Bilingual Education Programs. (Graduate Course)

EDU 7124 Children's Literature. (Graduate Course)

EDU 7138 Teaching Methods & Materials for Language Arts. (Graduate Course)

EDU 7890 Creative Writing for Children (Graduate Course)

EDU 9600 Multicultural Education (Graduate Course)

EDU 9176 Introduction to Special Education (Graduate Course)

CLS 1210 Classical mythology (Undergraduate Course)

Courses instructed at New York University, School of Education: Fall 2001-002

E25.2021 Creative Writing for Children

E25.2521 Literature for Younger Children


Courses instructed at CUNY Queens College, Department of Education : Fall 2002-2003

EECE 722 Language Development in Cross Cultural Perspectives (Graduate Course)

EECE 351 Teaching Science in the Elementary School (Undergraduate Course)



  • Articles

. Alexander the Great, The Creator of the first East-West Superstate, The History Review Magazine, January 2003.

Contrastive Analysis of the differences between English and Greek, ATA Chronicle October 1996.

Modern Greek Translation. A few Hints of Translations from Modern Greek into English, ATA Chronicle, January 1996.

Hans Christian Anderson and the International Children's Book Day, Sholio ke Zoe, vol. 34 No 4 April 1986, Athens, Greece, (In Greek).

Plato and Education, Sholio ke Zoe vol. 32 No 8, July - August 1984, Athens, Greece, (in Greek).

The Greek American, (contributor), Center for International and Area Studies, Brigham Young University Press, Provo, Utah, 1983.

"Curriculum Change in the New York City Public Schools." Bilingual Journal, vol. IV, No. 3, Spring, 1980, Boston, pp. 112-5.

"Arcadia: Peoples and Landscape." National Herald, New York, (August, 1979).

"Relating Creative Experiences to Children's Literature." Hellenic Times, New York, (July, 1979).

"Greek Language Education in the Parochial Schools." National Herald, New York, (July, 1979).

  • .Children's Books

"Greek Folk Songs and Poems"

by John Siolas and Eugenia Spiridakis illustrated by George Marinos EDAC, Boston, MA. 1976.

Hellenic Heritage Series (Bibliography) Compiled by Constantine Georgiou & John Siolas illustrated by Theodore Georgotas

EDAC. Boston, MA. 1978.

"The Rooster and his Tale"

by John Siolas. Illustrated by George Marinos EDAC, Boston MA. 1978.

"The American Plains"

by John G. Siolas Illustrated by Victor Linares

Office of Bilingual Education, New York City Board of Education Press

Brooklyn, NY 1980.


c. Unpublished Papers/Presentations


  • Greek Language Tests, Presentation to the Testing and Management Fair for Teachers and Administrators, BEMSC, World Trade Center, New York City, March 8, 1985.

  • Greek Language and Culture Schools in the US,

Presentation to the Conference on Education and the Greek

Americans, CUNY, The Graduate Center, New York City, May 17,1986

  • Teaching Greek as a Second Language, The University of Patras, 2nd National Conference, Greece , June 2000


American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

American Educational Research Association.

American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association.(AHEPA)

Hellenic American Educators Association /UFT. (President 1996 – 00)

Modern Greek Studies Association.(MGSA)

New York State Association of Bilingual Education,( Greek Language Delegate)

National Association For Bilingual Education.

New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers(NYSAFLT)

American Council of Foreign Language Teaching (ACTFL)

Association For Supervision And Curriculum Development.(ASCD)

Council of Supervisors and Administrators of the City of New York.(CSA)

American Translators Association.(ATA)

American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA)




Consultant, Bilingual/ESL Program, ESEA Title VII, St. John's University, School of

Education, Project Evaluator 1982-85.

Consultant, Visiting Professor, University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece, 1986 - present.

Consultant, N.Y.S.E.D., Foreign Language Bureau, Albany, NY. 1985 to present.

Consultant, New Jersey State Education Department 1986-87.

Consultant, Ministry of Education, Greece, Summer 1996.




Fluency in Greek and English.

Knowledge of Proficiency in French, German & Spanish.



Certificate of Merit, CSA 2001

Educator of the Year Award, 1987,

Men of Achievement 1990-91.

NYSABE Leadership Award, 1996.

Who is Who in American Education, 1988



  • New York State School Administrator and Supervisor,School District Administrator, 5 09101183 #38903831.

  • Education Administrator - Curriculum Development 07-01-87 # 465918.

  • Education Administrator - Staff Development & Subject Area Specialist, 1993

  • Bilingual Teacher of Common Branches (Greek), New York City, 11/13/73, #465918.

  • Elementary, New York State Teacher, 9/l/75, #071-44-4101.

  • Elementary School Teacher, New Jersey State Education Department, 3/76,#071-44-4101.

  • Secondary Education & Junior College, Florida State Education Department, 10/11/76, #409092.



Professor Constantine Georgiou, New York University, School of Education, Washington Sqare New York NY 10003

(212) 998-5468

Dr. John Spiridakis, St. John’s University Jamaica NY 11439 Tel. (718) 990-6407

Dr. John Brademas, President Emeritus, New York University, 53 Washington Square South, New York NY 10012-1098

(212) 998-3636

Professor Elena Frangakis-Syrett, Department of History, Queens College, Flushing NY 11367 (718) 997-5350

Dr. Constantine Efthymiou, St. John’ s University, Jamaica NY 11439 (718) 217-4285

Dr. Roslyn A. Haber, TOURO College 53 West 23 Street New York NY 10010

(212) 463-0400 ext. 779


















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