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                                                                        The thunder stricken Olympus suffers from Zeus’ might

                                                                        the skies roar with lightning the heavens are alight.

                                                                        The rebel son of Iapetus stole the divine flame

                                                                        and gave it to common man to study and to tame.


                                                                        The wrath of Zeus exploded Prometheus was chained

                                                                        Caucasus felt the titan’s storm the mountain was pained.

                                                                        The common man was eyed next, with vicious plans in mind

                                                                        Zeus built Pandora as a ‘gift’ for the whole mankind.


                                                                        The lovely Aphrodite gave her striking flair

                                                                        beauty and endless passion to fight and to dare.

Athena taught her to weave to judge and be wise

to take the path of caution to stand and realize.


Hermes planted wickedness and treachery and art

unending curiosity deeply into her heart. 

                                                                        Zeus gave her a lovely box with secrets locked inside

                                                                        that she would never open in her entire life.


                                                                        Pandora kept the precious box under her vigil care

                                                                        but as the time went forth it turned to nightmare.

                                                                        She longed to open the box, so curious was she

                                                                        to see the divine gifts, what else could then it be?


She opened the sacred box, spreading the ills we bear

but keeping hope in the box, a sign of love and care.

Pandora was an offering, punishment to mankind

                                                                        who left us hope as a gift, to persevere and fight.


constantine zygouris

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