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Blood and Tears

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BLOOD AND TEARS, Greece 1940-1949,
a Story of War and Love
by George C. Papavizas , 2002



The book contains the following chapters: Introduction, War Breaks Out, The Wehrmacht Overruns Greece, Life in Occupied Macedonia, Politics and Resistance, Burning and the End of the Italian Rule, Civil War, A Calm Interlude -The College Years, New Blood and Tears, Military Training, With the 9th Infantry Division, and The Fateful Summer. The book is a powerful and thrilling account of Greece’s turbulent 1940s. It is the author’s autobiography interwoven with tumultuous historical events --- war, occupation, resistance, civil war, utopias, ruined villages and towns, and his misfortune in battle. He dedicated the book to the men who spilled their blood and impaired their health in the war and to the gallant men who trod the Greek mountains and lost their lives fighting for a noble cause.


The Publisher

American Hellenic Institute Foundation, 1220 16th Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 20036

Translation into the Hellenic Language

ΑΙΜΑ ΚΑΙ ΔΑΚΡΥΑ, Ελλάς 1940-1949


Εκδόσεις  Δωδώνη, Αθήνα

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