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Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Lopez 07/05/10

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ATTENTION OF:   Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Lopez
Ms. Jennifer Lopez,
 On behalf of the Hellenic Electronic Center, we would like to express to you our most profound dissapointment and displeasure to have learned of your
impending visit to the Turkish occupied territories of Cyprus. Your visit would do nothing less than give endorsement to the Turkish policies of ethnic
cleansing, cultural genocide, and racial purity that has been the hallmark of the Turkish occupation since Ankara illegally invaded Cyprus in 1974, and
brought about the ethnic cleansing of over 200,000 Greek Cypriots.
 We are certain that your motives may be pure and that you are unaware of what has been transpiring, and we are equally certain that you will respond
 positively when receiving the following petition and signatures by distinguished and prominent intellectuals, Professors, and others from throughout the
 world. Many of the signatories are American citizens as are well over 2,000,000 Greek Americans who love the Cinema and whom are in all likelihood
 fans of your films.
 Your presence in the occupied territories of Cyprus would be most painful to the Greek Cypriots who have been ethnically cleansed and driven from their
homes and property. The Turkish occupation of Cyprus has been universally condemned by United Nations Resolutions, as well as by legal rulings of
the European Court on Human Rights. It would be a tremendous blow to the dignity of the Greek Cypriots if you were to visit the land that legally and
morally belongs to them, while they are denied access to said land based on their Greek ethnicity which is the basis for the Turkish military's enforced
racial polices which is intent on bringing about the forced Turkification of the area at the expense of Greek Cypriot men, women, and children most of
whom not only have lost their homes and property, but lost loved ones who were slaughtered by the Turkish military in 1974.
 The Turkish government responsible for the invasions and occupation of Cyprus has had a murderous history and is responsible for the genocide and
 mass killings of Greek, Armenian, and Assyrians in Asia Minor one century ago. In 1955, the Turks launched a terror campaign against the Greek
 Orthodox  minority in Turkey and has been waging a campaign of terror against all Christian minorities. As such, we respectfully seek to inform you
 about the genocidal nature of the Turkish regime and the insidious policies of ethnic cleansing well under way in the occupied territories of Cyprus
 which you may be visiting. In the name of human decency, and for your own reputation we ask you not to visit occupied Cyprus.
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