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The John G. Thevos District #5, New Jersey & Delaware

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Dear Brothers & Sisters,


The John G. Thevos District 5 Convention will be defined as the convention that charted our course for our  upcoming year. I thank all of you for attending the Paramus  Convention. Also we had a very strong contingent attend the      National Convention in Montreal, Canada. Your participation is vital  to the continued    success of our organization. The meetings were  well attended and productive. The new  ideas brought forth at the  meetings, including an emphasis on youth involvement and  Hellenic causes, will be used as a springboard for the upcoming  year.


Many thanks to the brothers of Alexander Hamilton for their efforts  and hospitality. We  all know the effort that goes into hosting a  convention by the local chapter volunteers is  immeasurable. It is  simply an enormous undertaking. In particular, convention chair  PSG  Louis Arvanitis is to be congratulated in organizing the  convention and for a job well  done.


The Fighting’ Fifth has set sail with unprecedented momentum. We  have been  progressive with the inclusion of all of our members by  encouraging the participation of  our youth. We have the conviction  to continue with assistance to noble causes including  scholarships,  Hellenic programs and the Cancer Research Foundation. We have  the drive  and determination to be in the forefront in maintaining  Hellenism and our cultural  identity here in the United States,  particularly in New Jersey and Delaware. As we start  on the new  year, I bring the following matters to your attention.



George Horiates, DG 2010-2011




At the convention, the Fifth District was well represented. Our Supreme Governor for  Region 3 is our own PDG Andy Zachariades. Also joining him in a newly elected position  on the AHEPA National Board of Trustees is PDG Vassos Chrysanthou. Congratulations to  both of these brothers. They are of course joining our current AHEPA Board of Trustees  member, PDG Lee Millas. We will continue to work with our Supreme Lodge and you,  the local chapters to enact many new ideas .




The Order of AHEPA experienced its greatest growth in membership in over 13 years  nationally. Our district was one of the leaders in new membership and retention of members this past year. This is a tre nd worth continuing. Once again this fall, we ask that each and every chapter have at least one initiation as the dues will count for the following year. To that end, each chapter with the greatest percentage increase in membership for the upcoming year in their size category will receive an award at the upcoming district convention in the Spring of 2011 plus one free room night at the hotel. The categories for greatest membership increase are: Small (1-50), Medium (51-100) and Large (101 members and above). It is our hope that each chapter will do its part in sharing our mission and purpose with others and enthusiastically motivate them to join.




Our heartfelt congratulations also go out to PDG Gus Kraras and the Past District Governors for·re-energizing Wildwood Weekend. The District Scholarship fund will be the beneficiary of the·proceeds. For only $175 per person for the October 1-3, 2010. I ask that the chapters continue to support this important program. Again, our district scholarship program for our youth is one of the greatest charitable arms of our organization. There are numerous needs and programs that we support.


We can do so much more with your assistance.


Wildwood Weekend is where we will have our Joint Family Meeting with our Daughters on Saturday morning. We will also have our fall district lodge workshop there. Each chapter is asked to come down, learn of our exciting programs and enjoy what promises to be a wonderful weekend.


Plans are being made to involve the Sons and Maids. We will also have a beach volleyball tournament. Each chapter is asked to get a team of 6 together. The winners will be honored at the end of the year at the district convention. YOUR SUPPORT IS NEEDED ! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!




I take this time to reflect on an individual who is no longer with us as I did have a heavy heart regarding his absence at the past convention. PDG Woody West passed away on May 5, 2010. I·knew Woody from his involvement in the Saint Thomas Greek Orthodox Church community of Cherry Hill. He was a past president of Camden Chapter 69 and a dear friend to many of my fellow AHEPANs, including family members. Woody was the embodiment of what it means to be a true AHEPAN, always working for the good of the community, always putting others before himself and of promoting Hellenic ideals and of promoting friendship in the Greek community. Woody, a non-Greek, was the founder of the Fifth District Cancer Research Foundation. Over the years the Foundation has given over $700,000 to various cancer r esearch institutes. He was one person that you always looked forward to seeing. Even in his retirement in North Carolina, Woody always made sure he came back to visit chapters, attend·conventions and to honor Camden Chapter by attending many a te stimonial dinner to honor his fellow brothers. I am sad Woody never got to see my swearing in as District Governor but somehow I know he is looking down with pride and approval.


Alexander the Great once stated; “I do not distinguish people as Greeks or Barbarians, as do the narrow minded. I am not interested in where the citizens come from, or what race they were born in. I rate them with a sole criterion, virtue. For me each good Foreigner is Greek and each bad Greek worse than a Barbarian.” The quote describes PDG Woody West to perfection.


This year we will celebrate, once again, one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of·AHEPA and throughout the AHEPA domain, honoring Woody at the Cancer Research Gala. This major·fundraiser will be held on November 13, 2010. I ask that each and every chapter send a table, redouble·their efforts in raising funds, and honor a brother that brought immeasurable honor upon all of us. I hope to see you there.




We will once again lend our support to both the New York City (March 27, 2011) and·Philadelphia (March20, 2011) parades. The Fifth District Cancer Research Foundation will be honored·at the Philadelphia Parade as honorary Grand Marshall!·We are working on an OXI Day celebration as well as a tribute to Veterans in our district. STAY·TUNED!




I ask that each chapter participate in the directory project we are putting together. Basically, as we go around to the chapters during our fall visitations we will be asking for your membership list - if different from the National list, email lists, and to take photographs of your members.. I ask that we support this worthwhile and noble project which upon completion will be a great networking benefit to our members.




We will be attending the annual Saint Basil’s Academy Christmas Pageant, set for December 11, 2010. We will be asking for donations from chapters in that regard. If you have not attended this event in the past, you should consider doing so as it is a wonderful experience. A tour of the facility will be given after the pageant. I take this time to discuss with you the Metropolis of New Jersey Building Fund. His Eminence Metropolitan Evangelos will schedule a visit and tour of the facility on behalf of AHEPA. We will be honored to do a fundraiser on behalf of our Holy Metropolis and we are hopeful our members will understand as Greek Americans we are AHEPANS, but above all we are Greek Orthodox Christians.


There are so many other facets of that I have not mentioned, including The Ahepa Voice,·revamped athletic programming, a proposed networking seminar, participation at HERMES Expo, etc.·Time does not permit me to put it all in words at this time.·In closing, I am again honored with your decision to elect me to this esteemed office. It was a·wonderful feeling receiving the approval of our members as to the direction and course we have set forour future.


I would like to specifically thank the Past District Governors under whom I served; Chris·Diamantoukos, Ted Vittas, Ted Fanikos and Phil Vogis. I consider each a great friend and look forward·to their continued involvement. It is my hope that the District Lodge and the Chapters continue to·involve all of our Past District Governors as they to pave the way for our members.


I wish to express my love and gratitude to my family - my wife Lisa, and our children Stavroula and George - for their patience and support as I endeavor to fulfill my responsibilities as District·Governor. Thank you for your understanding which allowed me to realize a dream - to lead the greatest·district of the greatest Hellenic heritage organization in the world.


Finally, I thank the officers of the District Lodge and of all of our chapters for their assistance·this past year and for their continued commitment to the betterment of the brotherhood. They play an·integral role in our day to day operations and represent our future leadership.


On behalf of all the officers of the AHEPA District Lodge it is my hope you enjoy the closing·months of the year. Your assistance and countless hours volunteering for the Greek American·community helps AHEPA fulfill its mission. With the assistance of all of us, AHEPA will continue to·flourish into our future generations.




George G. Horiates




District Governor

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