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Lessons From the Hellenic Epic of the 28th

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October is (should be) the month of inspiration for all of us.

Even though Ι wrote the summary below a couple of years ago with Diaspora in mind, it applies even more so today for those who reside in mother Hellas. The Hellenes of Hellas have the prime responsibility for the future of Hellenism everywhere. History will not forgive us if we fail in our collective mission.

Καλό Μήνα !

Peter N. Yiannos, PhD

Corporate Executive(Ret.)

Wilmintgton, DE


Lessons From the Hellenic Epic of the 28th of October of


Sacrifice, Unity, Preparation and Involvement seem to be the key lessons for us today, as we struggle here in America to survive as an entity and perpetuate our powerful Greek culture for the coming generations of Hellenes and Phil-Hellenes alike. Let us hope that the spirit of 1940 will reawaken all of us. Our eternal and powerful weapon is Hellenic paedeia. The future of our Hellenic posterity and indeed that of America depends on Hellenic values that become operative with Hellenic paedeia.

Ø “Ω τρακόσιοι ! σηκωθήτε

Και ξανάλθετε σ’εμάς,

Τα παιδιά σας θελ’ ιδήτε

Πόσο μοιάζουνε με σας

In the 78th verse of the Greek National Anthem, Dionysios Solomos seems to

have decoded the Hellenic DNA and foretold the future that SACRIFICE is

a historic necessity for Hellenism’s survival. It is indeed our historic load

and responsibility.

Ø Seldom before and after the Epic Event of October 28, 1940, Hellenism was so united. All the “fingers” of the nation closed well and tightly to form a powerful fist to defend itself. UNITY of purpose brought all the diverse elements of the political spectrum together. We hope for similar unity today. Η ισχύς μας εν τη ενώσει!

Ø Contrary to what was being said up to recently in 1940, the government of Hellas, even though it was hoping for peace, it was as prepared for war as it could possibly have been. Thus, PREPARATION is another key lesson for us. Are we prepared? Do we understand the value of our culture and Hellenic paedeia?

Ø Νυν υπέρ πάντων ο αγών. Nothing got in the way of the PRIORITY to defend the country, its values and its borders. What is the priority for our Hellenic paedeia and culture?

Ø Total INVOLVEMENT became reality as evidenced by the women who knitted sweaters and socks for the freezing soldiers, the shepherds who sacrificed their herds to feed the hungry soldiers in the front and to the local citizens who volunteered to carry loads of ammunition for the tired walking soldiers. How involved are we in accomplishing the goals of Hellenic paedeia and culture?

Ζήτω η 28η Οκτωβρίου του 1940

Long Live the inspiration of the 28th of October, 1940

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