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Dr.Petros Ioannou/Antena 07/09/11

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Dear Sir/Madam
as a frequent watcher  of your channel overseas and in Cyprus I find it very offensive and insulting the broadcasting of  the Turkish program EZEL by Antena because it  indirectly promotes the illegal state Turkey established in the occupied part of Cyprus. I come from the occupied part of Cyprus where in 1974 some of my friends ages 13,  45 and  85 were executed simply because they were Greek, women were raped, all the properties with the exception of a small $5 radio and the clothes we were wearing were taken away from my family by the invading army. The church of our village is converted to a mosque and people from Anatolia were brought over to take over whatever houses remained standing after the looting and burning. I wish none of you ever find yourself in such a situation as the impact both financially but more important psychologically will never go away.

What is the purpose of broadcasting a program that presents the occupied part as if nothing had ever happened hiding some of the biggest crimes committed against Greek people?
Is it profit or ignorance or an effort to reconcile with the Turks? None of these are rational reasons for your channel to broadcast this program and in the long term may hurt both profits and the interests of Greece.

I urge you to use all means to terminate the program and send a strong message to Turkey and their media that what Turkey did in Cyprus is not acceptable and  is not forgotten.  It is up to Turkey to remove injustice by pulling out its troops and settlers and let the Greek and Turkish Cypriots negotiate a solution.
Petros Ioannou 

Petros Ioannou, PhD, Fellow IEEE, IFAC, IETile
Professor of Electrical Engineering
University of Southern California
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