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Dr. D.Kostas/ANTENA 07/09/11

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Dear Mr. Spilios Haramis and Antenna Staff

You are responsible for the Turkish Crimes
in Cyprus!

"There exist a solidarity among men as human beings
that makes each co-responsible for every wrong and
every injustice in the world, especially for crimes 
committed in his presence  or with his knowledge.  If I
fail to do whatever I can to prevent them, I, too, am guilty."
Dr. Karl Jaspers

As a Greek of the Diaspora, living in USA for over 60 years, I find the ANTENNA action to broadcast EZEL a deplorable and a shameful action comparable to that of Efialtes at Thermopilae. Please stop this infamous EZEL broadcasts.  At a time when Greece is being threatened by the Turks and Greece has a severe economic crisis we need to unite all Greeks to pull in the same direction.
Your broadcast of EZEL is a callous act that ignores the feelings and interests of our Greek Cypriote brethern and compromizes our Greek interests globally
Dr Demosthenes Konstantatos
Greenwich CT USA
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