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Welcome to Hellenic Electronic Center Portal
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Thanks to all of you, we are going strong 25 years running!
We migrated on brand new servers.
Working on bringing back online the FORUM and all our mailing lists.
Thanks for your patience.

Dear friends, we are in the middle of our annual fundraising drive.
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The National Library and Opera at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens.
[Credit - Andreas Meichsner for The New York Times]

Parthenon model

Damages of Antiquities by Occupation forces during WWII

Here is a manuscript (dated: 1946) documenting accounts of damages, destruction, and thefts to antiquities by the occupation forces during WWII.

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We are a non-profit, non-partisan, all volunteer organization registered in the US with over 100,000 Hellenes and Philhellenes subscribers and 36 Hellenic associations in the US and abroad - see Who We Are.

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Occupation Loan

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WWII German Reparations to Greece - Dedicated page and Petition written in 11 languages

Germany Should Pay its Long-overdue Obligations to Greece

In October 1940, Greece was dragged into the Second World War by the invasion of its territory by Mussolini. To save Mussolini from a humiliating defeat, Hitler invaded Greece in April 1941.

Greece was looted and devastated by the Germans as no other country under their occupation. The International Red Cross has estimated that between 1941 and 1943 at least 300,000 Greeks died from starvation – the direct result of the plundering of Greece by the Germans. Mussolini complained to his minister of foreign affairs Count Ciano “The Germans have taken from the Greeks even their shoelaces”.

Germany and Italy, in addition to charging Greece exorbitant sums as occupation expenses, obtained forcibly from Greece a loan (occupation loan) of $ 3.5 billion. Hitler himself had recognized the legal character of this loan and had given orders to start the process of its repayment. After the end of the war, at the Paris Conference of 1946 Greece was awarded $ 7.1 billion, out of $ 14.0 billion requested, for war reparations.

Italy repaid to Greece its share of the occupation loan, Italy and Bulgaria paid war reparations to Greece, and Germany paid war reparations to Poland in 1956 and to former Yugoslavia in 1971. Greece demanded from Germany payment of the occupation loan in 1945, 1946, 1947, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1974, 1987, and in 1995. However, Germany is consistently refusing to pay its obligations to Greece arising from the occupation loan and war reparations. In 1964, German chancellor Erhard pledged repayment of the loan after the reunification of Germany, which occurred in 1990.

Indicative of the current value of the German obligations to Greece are the following: using as interest rate the average interest rate of U.S. Treasury Bonds since 1944, which is about 6%, it is estimated that the current value of the occupation loan is $163.8 billion and that of the war reparations is $332 billion. The French economist and consultant to the French government Jacques Delpla stated on July 2, 2011, that Germany owes to Greece 575 billion euros from Second World War obligations (Les Echos, Saturday, July 2, 2011). The German economic historian Dr. Albrecht Ritschl warned Germany to take a more chaste approach in the euro crisis of 2008-2011, as it could face renewed and justified demands for WWII reparations (Der Spiegel, June 21, 2011, guardian.co.uk, June 21, 2011).

The Germans did not just take “even their shoelaces” from the Greeks. During WWII Greece lost 13% of its population, some of it in battle, but mostly from the famine and from German war crimes. The Germans, murdered the population of 89 Greek villages and towns, burned to the ground over 1,700 villages and many of their inhabitants were also executed, they reduced the country to rubble, and looted its archeological treasures.

We request the German government to honor its long-overdue obligations to Greece by repaying the forcibly obtained occupation loan, and by paying war reparations proportional to the material damages, atrocities and plundering committed by the German war machinery.

Sign the petition

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Parthenon Marbles

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The Campaign
The Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) has started a new campaign for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to their origin, where they belong . This new campaign will include MailingList, Blog, Wiki, Petition, and a Voting Poll.

Enter The Parthenon Marbles Project.


The Parthenon Marbles project

Enter Parthenon Marbles
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Parthenon Day: 5-Dec-97  Greek Language English Language English Language

The Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC) is about to start a new campaign for
The Reunification of The Parthenon Marbles.
This new campaign is focused in raising the awareness of the Parthenon Marbles history and eventually leading with the return of the Marbles to the Acropolis Museum.

To join our effort please register here
You will be notified as soon the projects starts with assignments of tasks.



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